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                *creative playhouse for children*

Getting to know us:

Creative playhouse TEHNOKIDS is situated in Belgrade, #2 Dobropoljska Street, Autokomanda. Separate premises for throwing birthday parties, coffee clubs for parents, baby corner, large playhouse, space for school children equipped according to their needs… and a lot of more have been accommodated in the air-conditioned and agreeable two-level environment.

Our goal:

Listening carefully to the parents’ needs and wishes of children, aware of the fact that we are not the first ones but that we are still unique, we have succeeded in clearly fulfilling the needs of a modern family led by an expressive message:

We are guilty of many errors and mistakes, but our biggest crime is neglecting children i.e. denial of basis of life. Many things can wait but not the children. We can not give them the answer “tomorrow” since they look for “today”. (Gabriela Mistral, Chilean educator, cultural minister, diplomat and poet, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945)



 - Staying in the playhouse:

1 child 300 din for the entire day with the possibility of leave and return

2 children 500 din for the entire day with the possibility of leave and return 3 children 600 din for the entire day with the possibility of leave and return

- Babysitting (apart from the ticket that includes 1 juice free of charge) 100din per hour

… Important notes!

* Children less than 1 year old stay free of charge!

* Orphan children and children with special needs stay free of charge!

* All twins get 5% discount on the services in the pricelist!

* Participation of children in all workshops and Days of Fun is not extra charged!

* There are disposable diapers, baby creams and baby wipes to be used completely free of charge!

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Tehnokids, kreativna igraonica za decu do 13 godina.
Beograd, Autokomanda, Dobropoljska 2
tel: 063/259 189
Radno vreme od 10h do 22h

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